Hello hello !!
We are back from the Lyon Beer Festival with stars in our eyes !!! What a weekend !
A huge thank you to Nicolas, Michel and Axel from Bieronomy for the trust they put in us by inviting us for the first time to their festival ! The organisation was top notch!
And not to forget all the wonderful volunteers for their care!

What a great meeting with our brewery colleagues who made us taste so many magnificent beers. A special thought for Brasserie l’Apaisée , Brasserie Flore , Brasserie longue vie , Brasserie de l’Être, Micro Brasserie la Montagnarde, Brasserie Sacrilège, Brasserie Popihn and so many others !

Thank you to all the people who stopped by our stand to taste one of our beers and chat for a while!
We hope to see you all next year !